Shirejammin’ @Home 2020

Welcome to Shirejammin @Home for 2020. The Shirejam team have worked hard to provide a series of challenges for all our members, from Beavers to Network, including Adult Leaders and Executive Members too!

You can access the challenges by clicking on the links in the menu bar above. Each section is listed. Once you have completed the challenges you can let the Shirejammin’ team know by submitting your evidence.

Make sure you stay safe when completing these challenges. Young People you made need to check on your parents to make sure they are Scouting at home in the right way!

Completing the challenges and submitting your evidence to the Shirejam team will earn you a real badge. Badges will get posted out to your Group Scout Leader or Disitrict Commissoner who will forward this on to you.

We will ask you to provide you best piece of work which we will showcase on this site. Parents/Guardians/ Explorers and above are asked to declare that all work was completed to a high Scouting standard. On each of the critera pages is a confirmation form to help you tick off all the elements – you then self-serve and confirm completion on the digital form and submit for your badge!

Check out the critera for each section and get completing those challenges!

SIMPLY complete the challenges and induviudals or their parents/ guardians fill out the submission form to get their badge!

Each section has its own challenges, some that require you to complete training, create items or particpate in different activites. There is no pre-registration just apply for the badge when you are ready!

They have all been set up to challenge different ages. Please visit the FAQ for other questions and our safety notice.

To help groups, Scouts Hereford and Worcester have created virtual huts to help you all meet together. To access your virtual hut please visit: